Plan your weekend date to ‘Moncoeur’ garden

on Jan 04 in general



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Taichung Metropolitan Opera House

on Jun 06 in attractions


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Reddot Hotel

on Jun 03 in attractions, hotel

Featuring a 2-floor-high tube slide, Reddot Hotel offers tastefully-designed rooms with modern facilities in Taichung. It is only a 1-minute walk from Zhonghua Night Market. Free Wi-Fi is accessible in the entire property.

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Taichung Golf Club

on Jun 01 in attractions

The Taichung Golf & Country Club, located on the green hillside of the Dadu Mountain in suburban Taichung, with great weather all year round and easy access makes it a great golf get away only minutes away from center city of Taichung.

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Jin Ling Mountain

on May 28 in attractions

Jin Ling Mountain is a sacred one which promotes the combinations of the five religions with the functions of religion, sightseeing and recreation. It is divided into Zhi Shan Garden, Da Yuan Temple, Nine Dragons Wall, sculptures of fortune, prosperity, son of wealth and longevity, Yuan Man Church for the Christian, a memorial stone of founder of Yi Guan Dao Religion and Altar of Heaven will be built in the future. The construction was started in 1992 while Zhi Shan Garden was opened in 1997.

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Tai An Railroad Cultural Park

on May 20 in attractions

Tai An Railroad Cultural Park features vintage Japanese-style architecture. The station sits in a valley and–in order to connect rail lines from both directions at the same level—the station was constructed lower than the rail bed.

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Dengshi Hakka Cultural Park

on May 14 in attractions

Dengshi Hakka Cultural Park was constructed at the site of Dengshi’s old train station and is located at the end of the Dengfeng Green Bikeway (bike trail).

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Wuri Brewery

on May 07 in attractions

Known globally for its Taiwan Beer, Wuri Brewery was founded in 1968. In more recent years, it has introduced its latest hit, “Gold Medal” beer, thus further earning fame for the brewery.

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Wufeng Lin Family Garden

on May 04 in attractions

Built during the reign of Qing Dynasty Emperor Tong Zhi, the Lin Family Garden in Wufeng township was the largest official residence of its time in Taiwan. Rated as the national second-class historical structure, the garden was 90-percent destroyed during the massive 921 earthquake in 1999. Currently, it is temporarily closed to the public while undergoing reconstruction. The Pavilion of the Wine-Drunk Moon within the garden is also well-worth visiting.

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Yuanman Church

on May 01 in general

Yuanman Church is situated in Wufeng, Taichung. The style of the church combines ancient Rome, Rococo and Gothic. The church emits the atmosphere of romantic from outside to inside. There are fountain and garden inside the church. Tourists can roam around and enjoy a cozy great time.

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