Tai An Railroad Cultural Park

on May 20 in attractions

Tai An Railroad Cultural Park features vintage Japanese-style architecture. The station sits in a valley and–in order to connect rail lines from both directions at the same level—the station was constructed lower than the rail bed.

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Dengshi Hakka Cultural Park

on May 14 in attractions

Dengshi Hakka Cultural Park was constructed at the site of Dengshi’s old train station and is located at the end of the Dengfeng Green Bikeway (bike trail).

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Wuri Brewery

on May 07 in attractions

Known globally for its Taiwan Beer, Wuri Brewery was founded in 1968. In more recent years, it has introduced its latest hit, “Gold Medal” beer, thus further earning fame for the brewery.

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Wufeng Lin Family Garden

on May 04 in attractions

Built during the reign of Qing Dynasty Emperor Tong Zhi, the Lin Family Garden in Wufeng township was the largest official residence of its time in Taiwan. Rated as the national second-class historical structure, the garden was 90-percent destroyed during the massive 921 earthquake in 1999. Currently, it is temporarily closed to the public while undergoing reconstruction. The Pavilion of the Wine-Drunk Moon within the garden is also well-worth visiting.

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Yuanman Church

on May 01 in general

Yuanman Church is situated in Wufeng, Taichung. The style of the church combines ancient Rome, Rococo and Gothic. The church emits the atmosphere of romantic from outside to inside. There are fountain and garden inside the church. Tourists can roam around and enjoy a cozy great time.

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on Apr 28 in attractions

A lovely place called Moncoeur ( 心之芳庭 ) located in Taichung, Taiwan. Moncoeur is so beautiful that many couples will go there to take wedding dress photos and many lovers will go there for date. Moncoeur believe that wedding is not just like eat a meal, it also firmly believe that all dreams should be cherished. Moncoeur transmit the message that Love and happiness can create touching memories, so every places in Moncoeur are arranged and decorated romantic.

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Maple Garden Park

on Apr 26 in attractions

No matter which season it is, walking in the Maple Garden is a visual enjoyment! Located next to Taiwan Boulevard in Taichung City, Maple Garden is a unique U-shaped recreational greenland for the city residents. It has an area of 3 hectares, and contains a lake, red trees, green grass, and observatory bridge.

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Calligraphy Greenway

on Apr 24 in attractions

Calligraphy Greenway is a scenic parkway that runs from the National Museum of Natural Science all the way to the Eslite bookstore. Start your tour at the Science Museum, where it is convenient to park your motorcycle. You can also get to the museum by bus number 83, 86, or 88. Walk from the museum to Taichung Port Road 5 minutes away.

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Taiwan Girl Playing on Drums

on Mar 29 in girls

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Gay marriage protest mass-wedding ban

on Mar 25 in news

Gay marriage advocates yesterday protested the registration rules of the Taipei United Marriage Ceremony event, as the city moved to establish a new, separate ceremony open to gay couples.

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