Da Hu Strawberry Hall

on Jun 27 in attractions

Strawberry season in Dahu is from end of November to beginning of April with 4 harvesting periods. Strawberries on New Year and the 2nd and 3rd phases around Chinese New Year are good in quality and quantity. It is the golden period to pluck strawberries.

To show the features of strawberry kingdom, Strawberry Culture Park was built. It contains Strawberry Hall and Wineland Resort. Plucking Footway is expected to be built behind to connect Da Hu Luo Fuxin Memorial Hall in combination of nearby sightseeing garden to become a complete rural leisure cultural park.

The Hall features strawberry hall, multipurpose activity center, cafe, and farm produce selling area. Behind the hall is Wineland Resort opened at the end of 2002, selling fruit wines, farm produce, processed ice products, coffee, and souvenirs.

The main product is strawberry brewed Humeilian and plum brewed Taoranhong wine.



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