Jin Ling Mountain

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Jin Ling Mountain is a sacred one which promotes the combinations of the five religions with the functions of religion, sightseeing and recreation. It is divided into Zhi Shan Garden, Da Yuan Temple, Nine Dragons Wall, sculptures of fortune, prosperity, son of wealth and longevity, Yuan Man Church for the Christian, a memorial stone of founder of Yi Guan Dao Religion and Altar of Heaven will be built in the future. The construction was started in 1992 while Zhi Shan Garden was opened in 1997.

Zhi Shan Garden: 1,620 pings (5,355 square meters) with the four-section compound at 800 pings (2,645 square meters). The height of the gate is over 10 meters. Eaves were designed by Heaven, Earth and People, representing Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha, ancestors and the scions.

Yuan Man Church, on the other hand, is a large cross style, combined with the characteristics of Roman, Gothic, Baroque and Rococo architectures. The height is 18 meters with indoor square measure at 1,000 pings (3,300 square meters). It is the largest church in the South East Asia.

Temple for Founder of Yi Guan Dao Religion: This is an imitation of the Altar of Heaven in Beijing. The walls are made of cloisonne and mounted by pure brass in glittering golden appearance. It is larger than the Altar of Heaven in Beijing in square measure and height and is indeed a piece of outstanding work.

Opening Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Traffic By car: From Taichung to Wufeng, take Zhong Zheng Road in Wufeng and turn left on Xin Sheng Road. Keep driving by the direction sign.

By bus: Take No. 100 Taichung City Bust and take off at TPCC Stop; No 103, 107 or 108 at Guang Fu Village (Keng Co) Stop.

Hotel Accommodation: Meihe Hotel Address: No. 703, Zhong Zheng Road, Wufeng Town, Taichung County Tel: 04-23313597

Dining: Yongwang Sightseeing Farm, address: No. 18 Lane 91 Yude Road, Wufeng Township

Surrounding scenic spot: the Education Park of 921 Earthquake, the Memorial Park of Taiwan Provincial Consultative Council, Wufeng Golf Ground

Recommended itinerary: National Research Institute of Taiwan Arts and Crafts in Tsaotun, Yunwang Sightseeing Farm



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