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A lovely place called Moncoeur ( 心之芳庭 ) located in Taichung, Taiwan. Moncoeur is so beautiful that many couples will go there to take wedding dress photos and many lovers will go there for date. Moncoeur believe that wedding is not just like eat a meal, it also firmly believe that all dreams should be cherished. Moncoeur transmit the message that Love and happiness can create touching memories, so every places in Moncoeur are arranged and decorated romantic.

Moncoeur is a prodigious manor that it has many kinds of places, each place has different theme such as Chin-Chin, sud de la France, vanilla shop, chochoco and so on. Chin-Chin is a big house, a beautiful, two floors house that people can live in it, but it is not hotel, it just for visitors to make a visit. It has living room, kitchen, study room, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Every corner or walls are graffiti, every graffiti are creative and cute.

Sud de la France is a out-of-door restaurant. People go to sud de la France enjoy not only delicious food, but also enjoy charming pace from southern France. In sud de la France, you can enjoy southern France meals with creative and historical wall and just be relax. In vanilla shop, vanilla is placed into every place and corner. Follow vanilla fragrance of vanilla shop, you can just smell the scent of vanilla and slack off yourself no matter your body or mind.

Chochoco is a shop which sells chocolate. Chocolate in Chochoco is soft and delicious, and it melts in your mouth gradually when you eat it. The packing of chochoco chocolate look gracious, black box, gilt logo, and a bronzing, silky bow outside the box. Chochoco chocolate is fashionable and sumptuous, it is suitable to be a present to deliver to your friend. Come to chochoco chocolate, you can not only enjoy yummy chocolate, but also can feel the romantic atmosphere that chochoco create for love.

Moncoeur is a beautiful place which is suitable for couples to date, and is a good place to take pictures. The only drawback is the prices of all things in Moncoeur are so expensive, although entrance ticket of Moncoeur has discount NT 100 dollars. To sum up, Moncoeur is a place which is romantic and full of love. If you like beautiful scene, you should visit Moncoeur.



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