Vieshow Cinema in Taichung

on Oct 29 in general

With the high end AV equipment, Viewshow Cinema was opened on 18 January 2002 in Taichung landmark, Tiger City. There are 8 halls accommodating 3000 viewers. The cinema has light meal bar. The delicate design and layout make viewers feel like being in center of American entertainment culture to experience western entertainment essence.

On 18 January 2003, Viewshow Cinema introduced the world-famous Gold Class Hall. Vieshow Cinema in Tiger City had the only one extra luxurious cinema hall at the same time with other countries in the world.

Vieshow Cinema has 2 Gold Class Halls serving 70 guests. The professional dining bar offers beverages and five-star meals all the time. Guests can enjoy exclusive phone booking, ticket counter and guidance. On the comfortable velvet chair fully relax.

Attendants serve you the delicious meals on your table. The vivid AV equipment in first-class enjoyment makes watching move a superb feast.



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